Ep. 20: Jay Chandrasekhar on Mental Health, Super Troopers, Comedy, Mustache Shenanigans, and Harvey Weinstein

This week’s episode features an in-depth conversation with writer, actor, and director Jay Chandrasekhar. We discuss his recently released book MUSTACHE SHENANIGANS: MAKING SUPER TROOPERS AND OTHER ADVENTURES IN COMEDY, his latest film SUPER TROOPERS 2, how comedy can aid in mental health and make you feel less alone, the horror of Harvey Weinstein, and if we may see him helming a Marvel Cinematic Universe film at some point.

Jay Chandrasekhar has spent the past two decades writing, directing, and acting in film and TV. With his comedy group, Broken Lizard, he has produced and directed beloved movies such as Super TroopersBeerfest, and Club Dread. His latest film is Super Troopers 2, which is now available everywhere, and his recently released memoir Mustache Shenanigans is available wherever books are sold.

You can find Jay at www.jay-chandrasekhar.com and follow him on Twitter @jaychandrasekha and Instagram @jaychandrasekhar. You can also find him on Facebook right here.

Full show notes can be found at: www.anxietydiariespodcast.com/20

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