Ep. 16: Baylee Alana on Anxiety, Instagram, @anxietysupport, and Building a Mental Health Community

This week’s episode features an in-depth conversation with mental health advocate, storyteller, and the incredible person behind the @anxietysupport Instagram account, Baylee Alana. We discuss her own struggles with anxiety and OCD, building her enormous Instagram community, and mental health initiatives.

Six years ago Baylee Alana was in need of a support system. Feeling the loneliness that can follow a new mental illness diagnosis, she sought out others who could relate to what she was experiencing. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to create it herself.

@anxietysupport is now a safe community of over 100,000 people that embraces mental health and shamelessly speaking about what is often left unspoken. Baylee is a proud mental health advocate, storyteller, and self-care enthusiast whose mission is to let others know they are never alone.

You can find her on Instagram @anxietysupport and on her brand new website www.trustmeigetit.com.

Full show notes can be found at: www.anxietydiariespodcast.com/16

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